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Well, we did not technically purchase a zoo, but our house became one over the summer — starting in May. That actually was the last time I gave you a major update. Sorry its been so long, but I think you will agree it was well worth the wait!

The Zoo began with the baby raccoon we rescued in May. You know about him — last thing I told you was the we were moving him from the box to the cage soon. And we did. Ranger became a crate trained raccoon and an excellent car rider — I know what you are thinking, you can’t have a raccoon in the car??!! Well, yes you can. Ranger (because he was still bottle feeding) had to go with us to the lake as well as our one big summer trip to the beach.

Lake Martin.

Panama City Beach.

Ranger enjoyed both trips thoroughly. I’m sure you can see that by now.

So, after we go home from the beach, we moved him out of his cage and we stopped bottle feeding him. His new home was in our downstairs porch and his new favorite food became Deli-Cat, cat food. We also figured out that he loves cheese, marshmallows, and chicken bones. About a month later (mid-August), he was getting destructive on the porch so mom moved him to the old chicken coop in the backyard. Well he spent one night in the coop then escaped! He did not go far though — just up to the trees next to the coop — cause he loves our company, we are his family, and we feed him.

Now, he is a mostly normal raccoon. He sleeps during the day and we feed him at night. Mom gets the food ready, puts on the mosquito repellent fan — you know those Off clip-on fans? We had to buy some to keep the Zoo running, the mosquitoes in the backyard where Ranger lives are horrible and in order to feed and play with him, the clip[ on must be worn — grabs the flash light, puts the dogs inside (yes, two labs live in the backyard with Ranger also, you will hear about them shortly) and heads out to the far part of the backyard, puts Rangers food in the coop, and assumes her spot sitting on the path waiting for him to come eat and play. About 15 minutes later, you can hear Ranger cautiously coming out of the trees to get dinner. He climbs out of the trees and onto the fence where he walks along the top until he gets to mom. She then bends down, gets him on her shoulder and puts him in the coop to eat. She goes back to her spot on the path to wait for him to eat and then he gets down and comes over to play. Mom plays for about 30 minutes then makes a phone. She calls Will (her husband, my step dad) to tell him to let Chief out. Chief is one of our labs. He is the dad to the other part of our Zoo which you will see shortly. Chief comes barreling down the way to mom and Ranger scurries in the tree. Chief gets to mom and then Ranger comes down the tree to play with him cause they are friends. Mom lets them hang out awhile and then makes one more phone call to Will telling him to let Lucy — the other lab and mom to the rest of the Zoo — out. Ranger and Lucy are not friends but they are not enemies either; you could say there is just a mutual tolerance between the two of them. Letting Lucy out, allows Mom to go back inside without Ranger following her because he does not come down once Lucy is in the back yard. And that is feeding time for one part of the Zoo.

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These two guys look like the ones living in my house :) gotta love labs

These two guys look like the ones living in my house :) gotta love labs

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Fresh Summer Fruit!

Fresh Summer Fruit!

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